RE: Move-Out Procedures (Download & Print This Guide)

If you have decided to vacate the apartment at the end of your lease please read the following letter and guide.  In order to ensure a smooth transition between tenants we recommend the following steps:

  • Tenants are not allowed to use your security deposit for your last month’s rent under any circumstances.
  • Notify us as soon as possible as to the date and time all your items will be moved out of the apartment. 
  • Thoroughly clean, repair, and report any damage to the apartment. 
  • Leave all keys on kitchen counter & the door to hallway closed but unlocked. 
  • Contact us when you have actually vacated the apartment.  Please understand that we need as much time as possible to ready the apartment for the incoming tenant.
  • Use the rear entrance when moving all your items from the apartment.  The cost to repair any damage to common areas when moving out will be deducted from your security deposit.
  • Provide us with your new address allowing us to forward your security deposit. Completed Forwarding Address Info Here.

Upon vacating the apartment our maintenance crew will inspect the premises.  The cost to clean, remove items, or repair any damage to the apartment will be deducted from your security deposit or sent to you as a bill. 

The apartment must be left in a state that allows us to immediately re-let the apartment to a new tenant.

We have listed items on the attached sheet describing what must be completed upon vacating the apartment.  This is not an exhaustive list but a suggestive guide.  Fulfilling the suggestions on this guide will not guarantee the return of your security deposit or prevent you from being billed. 

Each apartment is unique and most apartments will require additional steps not listed in the guide. Please ensure that you vacate the apartment in a state that is equal to or better than when you received it. 

Suggested Guide to Apartment Move-Out Preparation



(check off items when completed)


  • Range/Oven – stovetop scrubbed clean, clean oven, all knobs and racks present.  We suggest using Easy Off or a similar product to ensure the range has been properly cleaned. Easy Off and similar products usually need 24 hours to effectively work - read instructions.
  • Microwave – exterior and interior has been wiped down and all racks are present.
  • Refrigerator – defrost refrigerator and freezer then wash down and clean the interior and exterior. This includes removing all drawers and shelves washing and wiping down. Dust, wash and wipe down the top of the fridge, top of the doors, rubber seals and any other surfaces.
  • Cabinets – wipe down exterior and interior of all cabinets.  Ensure no food waste is remaining within the cabinets. 
  • Walls – wash down all food wastes that may be present especially around stovetop/oven and area surrounding garbage receptacle.




  • Toilet – scrub clean, wash and wipe down interior and exterior of the bowl and seat.
  • Sink – scrub clean, wash and wipe down bowl and fixtures.
  • Tub/Shower – scrub clean, wash and wipe down the tub, fixtures, tiles/wall, and remove shower curtain.
  • Vanity – wipe down the mirror and wipe down interior.




  • Floors – vacuum all carpets and floors and wet mop all hardwood/tile flooring.  Please use Murphy’s Oil Soap on all hardwood floors.  The cost of repairing any damage to hardwood floors will be taken from the Tenant’s security deposit. 
  • Trim/Baseboards– dust all baseboards and trim around entire apartment including the tops of doors and windows.
  • Fans – Dust all blades and light fixtures of any ceiling fans. 
  • Light Bulbs – replace any burned out light bulbs.
  • Paint – if the Tenant painted any walls please return to original color.  However, if any wood trim has been painted by tenant do not attempt to strip please contact Svigos Asset Management.
  • Storage Space – clear out all items in any storage space or those items will be immediately disposed of.
  • Porches remove any furniture, grilles (open flame grilles are not allowed on wood porches), garbage including ashtrays, and potted plants from any porch or windowsill area.


Common Deductions for Damages to Apartment


Apartment Damage


  • Holes in walls/ceiling & excessive pin holes from wall hangings
  • Large marks on the walls/ceiling
  • Broken glass windows and window frames
  • Broken mirrors, toilet paper holders, and towel racks
  • Missing door handles
  • Dysfunctional locks (often broken from forcing foreign objects)
  • Broken cabinet hinges
  • Missing cabinet handles
  • Broken appliance handles
  • Pest infestation
  • Missing Keys