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Phone Number:

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I have received notice from Svigos Asset Management that my lease is due to expire in the near future and I have decided to:

Renew my lease at the amount quoted in my renewal letter and I will submit my increased security deposit with my next rent check.

I/We will not renew my lease and I/We will vacate the apartment by 12pm on the last day of lease term. I/We will also sign and return renewal form via mail.


If you have decided NOT TO RENEW please complete the remainder of this form:

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Tenant understands that by submitting their request they are entering into a binding agreement with Svigos Asset Management. If Tenant has decided to renew their lease agreement Svigos Asset Management. will create a new lease to be delivered to Tenant and Landlord will not list their apartment. If Tenant has decided to vacate the apartment Landlord will immediately list their apartment for showing.