Village of Buffalo Grove Illinois -Demographics
The following information is from the 2000 Census unless otherwise noted:

Housing Value
The following information is the average value from the Village Real Estate Transfer Tax Records, January 2004 - December 2004:

Historic Population

More Information
Copies of the census information for 1990 through 2000 are available by calling the Division of Planning Services at (847) 459-2518 or the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission at (312) 454-0400.

Other community information is included in the Buffalo Grove Chamber of Commerce Community Guide which is published annually. To contact the Chamber of Commerce, please call (847) 541-7799.

The Vernon Area Public Library ((847) 634-3650) and the Indian Trails Public Library ((847) 459-4100) also have information concerning Buffalo Grove and adjacent areas.

Information on this page provided from the Village of Buffalo Grove Website found at: