Svigos Asset Management

Maintenance Request

Svigos Asset Management is excited to introduce Rent Cafe as the new Tenant Portal for managing Tenant’s Maintenance Requests & Accounts.

Future maintenance requests will require a Rent Cafe Login for our New Tenant Portal which will also give you access to your rental information and allow you different options to manage your payment accounts. Rent Cafe also provides a useful app for smartphone making requests even easier.

If you do not have a login we encourage you to setup a new account –




If this is an extremely urgent matter such as a heavy flowing plumbing leak please call our office directly for ourĀ 24/7 Maintenance HotlineĀ (847) 735-0656 please follow the prompts to be forwarded directly to a maintenance technician. Please leave a message in the event it goes to voicemail.

As for any safety emergencies such as a fire please call 911 immediately.
If you smell natural gas in your apartment and suspect a gas leak please leave your apartment and call the gas company immediately:

People’s Gas (Chicago Locations): 866-556-6002
NICOR (Non-Chicago Locations): 888-642-6740